1. Install

lars is distributed in several formats. The following sections detail installation on a variety of platforms.

1.1. Pre-requisites

Where possible, installation methods will automatically handle all mandatory pre-requisites. However, if your particular installation method does not handle dependency installation, then you will need to install the following Python packages manually:

  • pygeoip - The pure Python API for MaxMind GeoIP databases
  • ipaddress - Google’s IPv4 and IPv6 address handling library. This is included as standard in Python 3.3 and above.

1.2. Ubuntu Linux

For Ubuntu Linux, it is simplest to install from the Waveform PPA as follows (this also ensures you are kept up to date as new releases are made):

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa://waveform/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install python-lars

1.3. Other Platforms

If your platform is not covered by one of the sections above, lars is available from PyPI and can therefore be installed with the Python setuptools easy_install tool:

$ easy_install lars

Or the (now deprecated) distribute pip tool:

$ pip install lars

If you do not have either of these tools available, please install the Python setuptools package first.